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Leveraging technology, making your business more effective in a world of change.

Est. 1997

We have a wide spectrum of exposure to applications and hardware at the user level, through wireless networking, to server virtualization and cloud services. Our experience gives us confidence to tackle today's challenges and secure trusted relationships with our Clients.


We are keen on transparency of our actions. Integrity is at our core. We work towards win-win relationships.


We go crazy when we see opportunities where we could improve your workflow, network security, data storage, or disaster recovery plan.


Leveraging technology, making your business more effective in a world of change.

  • WHO WE ARE - We are a technology consulting & implementation business that likes to get our hands in on as much of the action as possible.
  • WHAT WE DO - We like to do a bit of everything, in the realm of technology. If we can't do it all in-house then we'll out-source it or get you connected directly with the right service provider.
  • WHERE WE GO - In today's world we have access to technology that facilitates remote management and support. This offers us geographically unrestricted opportunities to support our Clients.
  • WHEN WE WORK - That's in our name.  We operate night or day.  Our schedule is driven by our Clients' needs; either the prompt delivery of a product or service, or the need to work around up-time requirements.

Policies & Procedures

Ensure your business runs smoothly by implementing policies and procedures. We'll work together with you to create clear and concise documentation that will help your team stay organized and efficient.

Domains & Hosting

Get your website up and running in no time with our reliable and affordable domain and website hosting services. We provide everything you need to get online, including domain registration, SSL certificates, web & email hosting, and more.


Don't let network issues slow down your business. We design and install networks ensuring your business stays connected and operational, with security, performance, and scalability.


Stay connected across your property with wireless coverage and bridge solutions. We design and install wireless networks that are tailored to each unique property, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity wherever you go.

  • ACTIVELY SERVICING CLIENTS in the North Okanagan communities of Salmon Arm, Enderby, and Armstrong, British Columbia.  Also servicing Clients in Lloydminster, Alberta and the Greater Lakeland Area of Saskatchewan.

Refurbished Workstations

DELL OptiPlex small form PC
- Intel Core i7 CPU
- 512GB SSD
- Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Custom Builds

Open Architecture
- Intel Core i9 - 12th Gen.
- 2TB NVMe Gen4 M.2 SSD
- GeForce RTX 3090 24GB GDDR6X

Builds are not limited to the above specs.



- Linux NAS Devices
- Windows Domain Controllers
- VMware Virtualization
- Hot Swappable 10k Drives
- RAID for redundancy, reliability, and scalability.
- Rack or Tower


What's up with your backup system?

Protect your business with Veeam Backup and Recovery. Fast, reliable and cost-effective, ensuring your critical data is safe. Backup and recover virtual, physical, and cloud-based environments in minutes. Don't take chances with your data. Choose Veeam Backup and Recovery for peace of mind and the assurance that your business is protected.


Have you done your due diligence?

Protect your organization from security threats, legal issues, and reputational damage by implementing an internet and email use policy. Establish guidelines for acceptable use of the organization's digital resources, prohibit harmful activities, and promote a culture of responsibility, professionalism, and ethical conduct. An internet and email use policy can also improve productivity and efficiency by setting clear expectations for acceptable use. Take this essential step to protect your organization and maximize the benefits of digital tools.

Check this out

Real-time cyber threat map. Get a glimpse into the dark side of cyberspace and what we need to proctect ourselves against.


Are you sufficiently protected?

ESET cybersecurity solutions provide advanced protection for your digital life. Protect your devices from viruses, malware, and ransomware with ease. Solutions are available for both home and business users. Experience the best protection for your devices with ESET.

Please note that our services are optimized for PC/Windows environments, and we do not specialize in supporting Mac/Apple computers or devices. While we appreciate the quality and innovation of Apple products, our expertise lies in other areas. If you have any questions or concerns about whether our services are right for your specific needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Need Office Applications?

Experience a powerful, free, and open-source office suite with LibreOffice. Get all the essential tools for productivity and creativity in one package. Compatible with other office software. Join the vibrant community of users and contributors today!

Great relationships we've built


- Security
- Database Design
- Reports


- Cloud Services
Microsoft365, AWS, Google Workspace, Exchange Online
- Tutoring


We are very familiar with Microsoft Office suite, but are also good with OpenOffice which brings some other great features to the table.  In the accounting realm we frequently work with Intuit's; QuickBooks, Quicken, and TurboTax.  Last but not least, we've spent many hours with Sage Accounting.

Go ahead, ask.  We'll give you an answer.

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Computers to Tim has pretty much been second nature, he was born dissecting old photocopiers and neatly organizing all the resistors, capacitors, transistors, and ICs into individual compartments for later use (never happened, the later use part). Just a few years on and he connected with an electronics technologist who carefully mentored him drilling out circuit boards and soldering on components for custom designed robotics. This led to ordering computer components and building custom PCs, ASYNCHRONOUS MICROSYSTEMS was born.

Tim's work experience is quite a diversified trail, starting out as a farm hand, to a skidsteer operator, and then into residential & agricultural construction. Taking a turn, he spent just over 15 years at a medium size manufacturing company working through, sales, quality control, and their IT dept. Jumping out of his comfort zone he went on to work in an accounting firm for a few years.

All the while Tim has faithfully supported his loyal tech clientele and by word of mouth, gathered a few more. Today Tim is focusing his energy in the field of developing technologies.

Tim very much enjoys the great outdoors; hiking, biking, fishing, diving, skiing, and running. Volunteering some of his time, Tim has spent over 20 years as a firefighter and 5 years as a medical first responder.

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